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A. O. Smith Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of residential and commercial water heaters and boilers, offering a comprehensive product line featuring the best-known brands in North America, China, and India.

The company was founded in 1874 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where today the company is headquartered. A. O. Smith employs approximately 16,100 men and women at operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Turkey, which has the global reach to serve customers worldwide. We also have sales and distribution in more than 60 countries around the world.

As a global leader A. O. Smith and its employees pride themselves on applying innovative technology and energy-efficient solutions to products marketed worldwide. The company’s goal is to be a leading global water technology company, and our focus is on building this platform through new product development, global expansion, strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

A.O.Smith India :-

A. O. Smith inaugurates its first manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, India.
A. O. Smith entered the Indian water heater market in July, 2008 and has already expanded to 10 key cities in India, with a significant presence in Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Goa, and others. Mr. Ajita Rajendra, President and Chief Operating Officer, A. O. Smith Corporations, said: “Sales in India, in the first two years, have exceeded our expectations; in fact, the only limitation has been our lack of a local manufacturing operation. With the opening of this 76,000 square feet plant, I am confident we will be able to expand rapidly and meet our customers’ growing demands for high quality water heating solutions.”

A. O. Smith has found that world-class innovative features like the Blue Diamond glass lining, glass-coated heating element, energy efficient insulation, and multiple colour options appeal to Indian consumers.

The company’s patented Blue Diamond glass lining offers superior corrosion resistance when compared with conventional glass-lined products, stainless steel, or copper-lined tanks, offering protection against premature tank failure caused by the hard water commonly found in India. The high quality glass coated heating element ensures delivery of hot water year after year.

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