Super Brand A.O.Smith

Two of the most popular symbols of human ingenuity would be the wheel and getting hot water at the fingertips. And the 140-year-old company, A. O. Smith, has been at the centre of both – starting with developing the first bicycle frames and followed by innovating water heaters. Over the years, A. O. Smith has become a brand, known for innovative, long-lasting, reliable and highly efficient products. Today, they not only deliver hot water to residential and commercial customers in more than 60 countries but are also known to offer some of the most energy efficient products worldwide.

A. O. Smith’s India chapter A. O. Smith began its foray into the Indian markets in 2006. Today, it is known as a premium brand with world class service and an energy efficient rating of 5 stars for most of its products. The company’s focus now is to transform the water heater market from a functional-appliance oriented one to a high-end digitally controlled one.


One of the highest recognitions for a consumer brand that is done through an independent consumer survey across the country, ‘Product of the Year’ is an award of merit that rewards the best innovations in retail products. The Product of the Year was bagged by A. O. Smith Water Products Pvt. Ltd. for its heater models HSE-SBS-015 and HSE-SBS-025. The two award winning water heaters are part of A. O. Smith’s special range of water heaters that have been given the coveted BEE 5 star rating. One of the prime innovations is the Blue Diamond glass tank, a feature that guarantees an extended product life span by providing maximum protection against hard water and corrosion.

A.O Smith No.1 Service

The power of one service was introduced in June 2014 to respond to customer within one hour to resolve concerns within one day and fix the problem at one go. Developing world class system took almost six to eight months and this includes the constant training of the field forcing and making sure of availability of spare parts.

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