A.O. Smith as an organization truly believes in inculcating a vibrant culture and engages its employees in various programs. To undertake these activities, we follow a sustainable & participative approach by actively involving employees, soliciting ideas and encouraging employee involvement. Employee Engagement at A.O Smith is an active process that covers the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement. It nourishes a healthy environment within the entity and where contribution of ‘Every Employee Counts’.


Employee communication involves exchange of information, ideas, opinions and feedback with and among employees to collaborate in a work environment to achieve the desired results. When employees are integral to the working of an organization, their understanding of the organizational vision, mission, goals, practices and their collaboration among each becomes key to the success of the organization.

  • Employee Town-Hall: To promote mutual confidence and understanding between Leadership Team and employees. Town-hall is a meeting aimed at enhancing employee understanding of the A.O. Smith business, companywide initiatives, future plans, and interact with the Leadership Team.
  • Dialogue Session with HR: Employee representatives from various functions have one on one sessions with the HR Head to address queries related to Business, HR Operations, General Administration or any other doubts.


Employees want a workplace that is positive and rewarding. Clients prefer to work with businesses that boast happy, engaged employees. Every event at AO Smith is planned carefully to strengthen our company culture and make a direct investment to our workplace. These events benefit the relationship that exists between our employees and our company.

  • Foundation Day: A day to celebrate our beginning, to appreciate our future. An amalgamation of dance, drama, music and joy, Foundation Day provides all the employees a platform to showcase their talent through cultural programs.
  • Sports Month: Throughout the month of April, the employees channel their competitive strike and participate in indoor sports like Chess, Carom and Badminton. The highlight of the month is the Cricket Tournament where cross functional teams play together to win and this helps foster a spirit of teamwork.


The story goes that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we at A.O. Smith believe that a way to a successful company is through happy employees.
We at A.O Smith believe is celebration of all festivals, occasions and birthdays. We enjoy as a family. These celebrations create avenues for giving expression to employee’s creative talent and encourage them to showcase their skills through competitions such as Rangoli Competition, Painting, Singing, Dancing and many more. Celebrations include Birthdays, Republic Day, Women Day, Independence Day, Christmas and more.

Women Resource Network

“A network of all female employees in the organization, led by women leaders, WRN conducts multiple events and programs throughout the year from life skills training programs to fundraising competitions and various voluntary activities.”