People @AO Smith

Leadership Team

Parag Kulkarni

Managing Director (India)

Chitra Narayan

Head HR

Prashant Dhar

Director Marketing

Ashish Kaul

Director Sales & Service

Rajesh Arora

Director Finance & IT

Neeraj Gupta

Director R&D

Sivaprasad Sake

Director Operations

Subha Narayan

Head Legal & Compliance

Simly Das

Simly Das,

Principal Scientist
It has been a pleasure working with A.O Smith for the past 4.5 years. As an organization, it has helped me in achieving my goals and has provided great opportunities to develop my technical and leadership skills. The company places good emphasis on women empowerment and have introduced the Women’s Resource Network within the organization with the aim of providing professional development and networking opportunities to men and women throughout the corporation. The outcome-oriented environment at A.O Smith has allowed me to focus on doing my best and engage in truly innovative projects. My greatest pride in the company has been the launch of water purifier products in India in early 2015, which has been the direct result of a great global team efforts. I work in a great team and it has been the greatest motivator to come to work every day!

Lipika Sahoo

Lipika Sahoo,

Manager Digital
A.O.Smith is a 142yrs Water Products company, where teamwork & open communication are encouraged and valued. I have been working at A.O.Smith India for 5 years in Marketing Department. The spirit of camaraderie, respect, openness, sharing culture within teams and across teams at all levels has played a pivotal role in nurturing my growth at A.O.Smith India. One of my favorite thing of working at A.O.Smith is the potential and ability to take decision in Digital Marketing under a consistent leadership of my manager. A women-friendly workplace providing a platform to stretch ones potential with continuous feedback is what helps me give my best everyday. My greatest achievement is the launch of the GBB SERIES Water Heaters which won the Product of the Year in 2013 and launch of the A.O.Smith India brand new website with E-Commerce capabilities in 2015.

Sachin Singh

Sachin Singh,

Senior Mgr-Commercials & Renewables
I have been working with AO Smith past 8 years. The encouragement and support from the management and colleagues has paved the way for my current position. The challenges and responsibilities given to me from time to time have helped me to grow as a professional and as a person. The global exposure and experience of working with different people from various countries and disciplines has helped me to cope up with latest industry practices and technologies of the world.

Great people, positive atmosphere and commitment to professional success makes AO Smith a great place to work for. I am extremely proud of the cutting edge technology that A O Smith provides through its smart heat pump water heaters (residential and commercial)


Kaushik Chatterjee,

Zonal Manager- South & West
It started in a small hotel room with just 4 people, No office, no conference rooms. It was just a small team. Today when I see this huge plant spread across 2.26Lakh square feet and more than 200 people onboard, It’s really an amazing feeling which can’t be described in words. Co creating the Water treatment business has really been a great learning for me. I am really proud of working with the best dealers and distributors in the trade who are our strong pillars in the market today. So many different people from various locations, backgrounds, cultures all have come together and made this place a beautiful place to work. 8 years and counting with A.O.Smith .It has been the best 8 years of my career .Meeting so many wonderful people, working with a great team and also having a team of highly experienced leaders to guide me all the time motivated me to move forward professionally.

Parameshwar Bhat

Parameshwar Bhat,

Manager – Quality
I have been part of AO Smith family since 4 years. The organization consistently strives for exceeding customer expectations in terms of Product Design, Quality and Customer Service. It’s a proactive and inspiring establishment with a dynamic leadership. It’s great place to work for, offering an exceptional work/life balance. Organization which really cares about its employees, a friendly, passionate and driven company. Iam extremely proud to state that we are a ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and are at par with Global ISO norms. I enjoy working with creative pool of minds who have a progressive approach towards accomplishing their Goals. I certainly cherish being a part of a highly committed and professional corporate house.


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